maría roja
actress and stage creator

(Lugo, Galicia – Spain, 1982. Currently lives and works in Galicia)

María Roja holds a BA in Fine Arts by the University of Vigo, a BA in Performing Arts by the ESAD of Galicia and a MA in Performing Arts by the University of Vigo.
In her interdisciplinary art practice, she likes to explore the plastic and visual arts, performance art, creative performance and dance.
With an interest in the exploration of the body as both a container of the intimate sphere and a social and political architecture while emphasizing its appropriation processes and the incorporation and transmission of intangible knowledge, as well as its leverage as an element of subversion and resistance.
She has participated in multiple national and international exhibitions and festivals in galleries, museums, theaters and other alternative cultural spaces. She is co-founder of the action art collectives áIntemperie, Ohn and Blanco&Roja, and is currently a member of the Corpo Colectivo Transfronteirizo Límites collective and Bemtevi.
She is a recurrent actress on stage and in Galician television fiction. In creative performance, she has worked in post-dramatic language performing arts companies and participated in experimental audiovisual productions amongst other projects. She has also received three María Casares awards for Best Secondary Actress.
She currently combines her research work as a PhD candidate in Artistic Creation and Research in Contemporary Art at University of Vigo with her creative work in the fields of visual and performing arts.


  • 2024


    Saudade de ti - tv serie

    Dir. Giselle Llanio & Ozo Perozo. Voz Audiovisual

  • 2023


    A behanding in Spokane - theatre

    by Martin McDonagh. Dir. Cándido Pazó. Contraproducións and Focus

  • 2022


    A peste - theatre

    by Albert Camus. Dir. Cándido Pazó. CDG

  • 2021


    Método Criminal - tv serie

    Dir. Jorge Saavedra. Voz Audiovisual

  • 2020


    9 fugas - cine

    Dir. Fon Cortizo. Xas Films

  • 2020


    Serramoura - tv serie

    Dir. Jorge Saavedra. Voz Audiovisual

  • 2020


    Hugo - theatre

    Dir. Gustavo del Río. Os Náufragos Teatro

  • 2019


    A Estiba - tv serie

    Dir. Miguel Conde. Voz Audiovisual

  • 2019


    Neorretranca and Posmorriña - theatre

    by Esther F. Carrodeguas y Roi Vidal Ponte. Dir. Gena Baamonde. CDG

  • 2017


    Martes de Carnaval - theatre

    by Ramón Mª del Valle-Inclán. Dir. Marta Pazos. CDG

  • 2016


    Dalia, a modista - tv serie

    Dir. Giselle Llanio. CTV

  • 2016


    The Cripple of Inishmaan - theatre

    by Martin McDonagh. Dir. Cándido Pazó. Contraproducións

  • 2015


    Hospital Real - tv serie

    Dir. Jorge Cassinello. Ficción Producciones

  • 2015


    El cuello de la jirafa - theatre

    Dir. Ana Vallés. Matarile Teatro